Wheel of Plenty SlotThis last month I was at home and had taken the sick leave because of the side project I have been doing at home with my best friend, but as he was ill during the weekend and I had nothing to do and I was feeling very uneasy as I had nothing to do at home, there was nothing good on TV and my wife and kids were also out of town.

Eventually, I called this friend of mine, who used to live right in the front of my apartment flat and asked him to come over at my place so that we could kill the time and have some fun as well. I already knew that he is kind of a gambler and at that point of time only he could save me from the boredom.

When he came, he told me about this online casino slot called the Wheel of plenty, which is a 3 reel, single pay line machine that can be played at most of the top online casinos like Royal with only a single pay line, it might not be surprising to hear that this online poker machine only accepts single coin at a time and the player can have the best chance to win maximum jackpot and real money.

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