Untamed Bengal Tiger SlotThis last week I made a visit to this incredible country called India. The slogan that the country has chosen has really come out perfect and best suitable one for it.

I was actually there for project work, and could only see south India due to the tight schedule. It was a terrible experience and I regret not going back to India.

Anyways, I did see the Bengal and also went on wild safari to the jungle to see the Bengal tigers. I was so lucky to be able to see them naked. It was a magical experience and I feel nostalgic for it.

Untamed Bengal Tiger SlotSo, later when I was returning to my country, I was feeling very nostalgic about seeing the white tigers of Bengal and there I came to think about this famous online casino slot that I also based on the same theme and called Untamed Bengal Tiger. Let me tell you that it is a 5 reel casino slot that uses the very famous an unconventional 243 Ways style of gameplay, which means that the exact positions that symbols land in on a reel aren’t important rather than worrying about specific pay line patterns and the player can really make the winning combination anywhere on the reel. So, during my return flight, to kill the time and the nostalgic feel, I made the instant download of the casino game app and started playing it with the free spins in order to have fun and win few extra dollars with it.