Want to feel the heat in the desert but not the creepy crawly animals? This slot machine from Microgaming is the perfect choice for you. The classic 3-reel setup with one payline of Sizzling Scorpions can produce scorching hot winnings worth up to 25 000 credits.

We can’t imagine many players being attracted by the idea of a scorpion appearing on their screen, even if only in a virtual form. The scorpion bonus game is a great way to reward those brave enough.

Explore the Desert

With its dry, arid land, lack of water, and many dangerous animals, the desert is not the most welcoming of natural habitats. There is a good reason why nobody lives in the desert!

The desert offers breathtaking views and beautiful landscapes, unlike anything you have ever seen. Sizzling Scorpion is a 3-reel video slot machine set in the middle of the desert.

Other symbols include traditional slot machine classics, like single, double, and tripartite BAR icons and a considerable lucky number 7. The game also features some classic slot machine symbols, such as the single, double, and triple BAR icon, as well as the considerable lucky number 7,

The Slot Machines Have Less Sizzle

This game’s visual appeal will impress spinners little, as it uses two-dimensional cartoon characters to create a novelty feel. Players who want something with a lot of animation and graphics might prefer to play more modern 5-reel slots. The game is still easy to play despite its essential nature.

Slim Winnings

It’s tough to survive in the desert, so you need to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. This is the attitude spinners must adopt when playing this gambling game, as it only has one payline to help punters find those crucial winning spins. Many different combinations can be made on the reels. Some of them don’t require three matching symbols. In the table below, you can find all the possible sequences and their multiplier prize.

You can play with 1, 2, or three coins in the following denominations: 0.25 and 0.50, 1.00, 2.50, and 5.00. Players should know that no matter how many coins are placed, only one will be multiplied. Players with three coins receive a proportionally higher payout when three scorpions are aligned.

Scorpion Race Bonus

The slot machine bonus game can be activated by playing with three coins. This side game is activated when a predator appears on the third payline. The game carries the player to another screen, where they can choose between three scorpions. Your coin bet is multiplied by 100x if the scorpion you chose finishes first. You will get a prize of 50x if you are second and 30x if you’re last.

Slot Sting

Sizzling Scorpions will appeal to only a few punters. It is commendable that Microgaming created such an original theme. However, it’s unlikely that a scorpion-themed game will appeal to everyone. The game has a jackpot of 5,000x, so it is worth playing if you like scorpions or arid areas.

Ski Bunny Slot

This novelty-themed slot machine from Microgaming features a female bunny character who is ice cool. Ski Bunny, a 3-reel slot game featuring a female bunny with ice-cold ears, is a unique and original machine.

Even if they win money, it’s not through the game. The game awards up to 50 “Winspins,” depending on whether the player chooses to play the red, blue, or black runs. The Winspins allow players to win the 500x jackpot multiplier in a separate 3-reel, 5-pay line slot game.

The game also includes a retro AWP-style nudge feature.

Cool spinnings

We have seen a lot of slot machines with all kinds of themes. But we’ve never heard of a slot machine based on the skiing bunny. Microgaming has taken the rabbit from the hat to create Ski Bunny. The game screen mimics a traditional ski resort (even though it is one fit for bunny rabbits), complete with wooden chalets, snowy mountains, and various other elements. The queen of the slopes, dressed in her finest ski fashion, stands at the side reels.

The bunny appears on all three reels in this game, along with other more traditional symbols, like cherries, lemons, and oranges. Other reel symbols include watermelons, plums, and BARs.This slot machine is perfect for retro-loving spinners wanting something different.

Top-notch visuals

The game will be easy to play even though it only has two-dimensional cartoons. This retro-style game has a visual quality on par with the best games in Microgaming’s catalog.

Choose your runs

This 3-reel machine is not only impressive for its artwork but also because of its intricate gameplay. This is because the game involves more than just spinning reels to get wins. It is much more complex. Players must instead find three matching symbols on the reels to enter a reward round where they can win real money.

Spinners can play in Blue Run, Red Run, or Black Run modes. This will determine the number of “Winspins.”Black Run is by far the most risky of the three options. Spinners will need help finding matching symbols when they choose this mode. It might be worth it to take the risk since Black Run can give players more Winspins, up to 50.

Play Winspins

After winning some Winspins, the player will be transferred to another game screen with three new reels and five paylines. Some new icons on these reels include carrots, helicopters, ski lifts, skis, and a picture of the bunny hero. The Winspins are used to multiply the number of bets placed in the main game (0.10 to 10.00 credits).Paytable: Below, you can find all the possible wins.

Get extra points by nudge-it

Ski Bunny features several special nudges similar to those found in pub fruit machines of the AWP type. The nudges that players receive are entirely random. They can move reels individually, save budges to use on later spins, or gamble their nudges for more winnings.

Take to the slopes

Ski Bunny may look like any other classic 3-reel machine, but it offers retro players a set of thrilling spins. Microgaming’s game is fun because it forces players to think more about their spin strategy than any other classic 3-reel slot. Will you brave the Black Run to get more winning chances?